Affording a new car in the New Year

Affording a new car in the New Year


Budgets are often stretched to their limit during Christmas and New Year with parties, presents and frivolity during the festive season. The last thing you want to happen is your car become unsuitable or even worse breaks down as winter hits. If the worst does happen and you are forced into buying a new car as soon as 2014 kicks in then there are some ways in which you can make to ensure your bank balance stays in the red, such as:

Consider leasing

There is some superb-value leasing deals out there especially over Christmas. It is definitely an option worth considering either in the long or short-term, as it negates the expensive upfront costs of car ownership. They are immensely flexible agreements that can be arranged by how much you want to pay a month, how long you want it to be and how much mileage you wish to do. Moreover, under the terms of the agreement the leasing dealer takes care of all the maintenance, which gives you peace of mind over the duration of your ownership.


Finance packages have become a huge part of buying a new or second hand car in the modern era. Instead of paying for a car outright finance allows you to choose a deposit amount and the repayment schedule that suits you and fits around your budget. It also leaves your options open at the end of the agreement to either buy, sell or give back your car depending on your circumstances at the time. Remember, never accept the first package offered as there are plenty of credit companies out there fighting for your business, so source the best deal possible.

Getting the most for your car

Even if your car has bitten the dust during the onset of winter then there are still ways to get good value from it to help you cut the cost of your next vehicle. Professional car buying firms will purchase a car even if it is damaged, in poor condition or even written off, so there is always money to be had. Better still, you could take advantage of the Government’s Scrappage Scheme that allows you to secure a couple of thousand pounds off a budget brand from your local dealer or cheap cars at Motorpoint. Dealerships also offer great part-exchange options to enable you to slash the upfront costs of getting back on the road over Christmas.

Whatever you budget or financial background there is a way to get behind the wheel of a new car during times of low cashflow.



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