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Most car owners realise that car maintenance is important. They want to keep their family safe, and drive a reliable car as well as avoid falling foul of the law.
However, despite this there is one area of car maintenance that many people seem to completely forget about, and that is tyre care. You regularly see cars for sale with worn tyres.
In many countries it is the number one reason vehicles fail their annual government mandated safety inspections. It is also the number one issue the Police find when they pull vehicles over. Of course, that is not the case in every country, but it is certainly true of most.
This is unfortunate. There are several reasons why tyre maintenance is important.


Top of the list of reasons to maintain your tyres has to be safety. If your tyres are not in good condition, and properly maintained the chances of your having a serious accident are greatly increased. In wet conditions, the average family car, which has bald tyres, takes twice as long to stop as one that is fitted with tyres that have sufficient tread.

Less wear and tear

Properly inflated tyres wear more evenly. This means that they do not need to be replaced as frequently as those that are run at the wrong pressure. If there is not enough air in your tyres the edges will wear quicker than the middle. The opposite is true if you over inflate your tyres.

A more comfortable journey

Not to mention the fact that being a passenger in a car that has under or over inflated tyres is rarely comfortable. Poorly inflated tyres has a significant negative impact on the way the vehicle rides.
Lower maintenance costs
The fact that the way the car rides is so badly affected means that other parts like the suspension are put under considerable additional strain. The net result is that, other parts of the vehicle need to be replaced more frequently.

Improved fuel economy

Most members of the public are already aware of the above two points. However, what is not so well known is that running with the right pressure in your tyres will help to keep your fuel costs under control. On recent study carried out in the US showed that someone who covered around 12,000 miles per annum would save between $300 and $500 on their fuel bill.

Less chance of being fined

It is important to bear in mind that the law requires you to maintain your vehicle in a roadworthy condition, between official inspections. If you get pulled over by the police and your tyres are found to be too worn, or you are missing your spare there is a good chance that you

will have to pay a fine.

Should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, even if it is not your fault, there is a chance your vehicle will be inspected. In some circumstances, you may find that your insurance has been invalidated by the fact you have been driving your vehicle in an un-roadworthy and unsafe condition.


You’ve found yourself a decent second hand car and you’ve made a promise to yourself to keep it in the tiptop condition that is now. That means regular servicing and addressing any little niggles as and when they may arise, but how do you go about finding a decent mechanic when you wouldn’t know one if they waved a spanner at you? Our 6 tips will help you out:

1) Have an idea of the problem

Before you begin your search it is always a good idea to do a little homework first in order to try and find out what the problem with your car is. If you are just after a simple service or an MOT, sites like Book My Garage are ideal.

However, if it is a specific issue try searching the dozens of car forums and owners sites online and ask the members there about the symptoms your motor is experiencing.

People are generally very helpful on these sites and they will give you a rough idea of what might be wrong and a ballpark figure on repair costs. Being armed with a little knowledge will go a long way to weeding out the cowboys.

2) Visit the garage wherever possible

Nothing beats popping into the garage to get an idea on whether or not they are reputable. Many people mistakenly believe that all garages are messy, unkempt places but this is misleading assumption. A tidy garage will give you a fair idea about how much pride the owner takes in his or her business and will be a good indication on how they operate as a mechanic too.

3) Ask questions up front

Enquire about things such as free diagnosis and whether or not they charge by the hour. Garages differ on things such as these so it’s worth knowing how they operate before you proceed. If the mechanic does charge by the hour be sure to ask how long they think a particular job will take and then set a maximum work time. This will prevent you from receiving a phone call stating that they have been working all day on your car and it still is not fixed!

4) What parts?

It is always worth asking if the garage will use generic parts on your car or if they stick to manufacturer parts. If the use of generic parts is an issue for you, it is important that you know which will be used prior to work commencing.

5) Get some quotes

Once you’ve found a few garages that meet all of your criteria you can move on to getting quotes. Prices can vary hugely between mechanics, even if they are only a few streets away from each other. Knowing what the fault is (see point 1) will help you obtain more accurate quotes and save a lot of guesswork. Also, be sure to ask if VAT is included in the price stated. Finding this out when the work is done can come as a nasty shock.

6) Ask to stay and watch them work

Now that you have a quote that you are happy with, ask to watch them as they carry out the work. Many garages do not mind if you stick around while the work is being carried out and it will give you a good idea about their own confidence in their ability too.

Following these 6 tips will stand you in good stead next time you need to find a reputable mechanic. Remember, however, that prevention is better than cure, so do all that you can to stop problems arising by doing as much maintenance as you can at home.


Tech cars are taking the world by storm. So much so, that you would be mistaken in thinking that everyone is going to start spending their money on the latest tech innovations in the automotive market. But, for some of us, tech cars are a thing to admire and never to own. Until now. There are going to be some key changes to the car market this year. Tech cars are going to become more affordable than ever.

So, what tech cars are worth looking out for this year? Let’s find out.

Volvo XC90

The Volvo has never been a car that is known for being cutting edge. But, the new look Volvo is sure to appeal to a lot of people. The XC90 has some incredible safety features. Of course, you wouldn’t expect anything less from Volvo. The car has a vertical colour touch screen and a Sensus infotainment centre. The four cylinders and T6 engine make for an enjoyable experience. Oh, did we mention that it’s supercharged? The electric motor is a keen feature too. But, the main appeal of this car is that it has an enormous emphasis on safety. It’s a family car, in the main, but it makes for a great tech car too.

suv The Best New Tech Cars to Watch Out For In 2015

William Herron

Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot was a success at the recent car shows. But, now, it’s offering a good fuel economy too. For a truck of its size, it can do an impressive 25 MPG. With adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and blind spot detection, it’s full of the latest tech. All of which is sure to improve and enhance the overall driving experience? The SUV is a great car for those that want to experience a more cohesive driving experience. It’s all about luxury when it comes to the Pilot. It’s a great car for those that want a truck with a luxurious feel.

Nissan Pulsar

The Nissan Pulsar was released last November. It’s set to be one of the most hotly anticipated new cars at Smith Nissan. But, it’s going to be redesigned for the coming year. Nissan has always been synonymous with ingenious design. What’s more, amazing road handling capabilities are what make people love Nissan. But, the Pulsar for 2015 is going to be different altogether. The self cleaning reverse camera is something of a niche touch. But, it’s sure to appeal to a lot of people. The parking aid is a 360 degree camera that is designed to help drivers get into the toughest of spots. The heated leather sets are always a bonus. The lane departure warning is a great feature too. If you’re a fan of safety, the Pulsar is for you.

Mazda CX-3

The Mazda CX-3 is a compact SUV. But, it’s a great crossover for those that want economy combined with tech. The car is jam packed with Smartphone integration, internet radio and hands free text messaging capabilities. But, it also has a LCD display and is a perfect vehicle for those that want simplistic but helpful technological features in their cars.


There are so many scams out there that you might not know how to avoid them. If you are searching for a bargain deal on a car, you might find what you need on the internet. The problem is that some adverts you see online are not legitimate. You don’t want to get a bad deal on your car, and so you have to be careful. If you want to make sure that nobody rips you off, you need to follow some simple rules. Can you ever trust online vehicle adverts? Well, let’s find out.

Don’t trust random adverts on classified sites

Some people will tell you that you can get a cheap deal by using Gumtree or even Craigslist. You should avoid using these sites or any other classified sites. You might get a bargain deal on them, but you have no way of finding out whether it is legitimate. Often, people try to sell stolen vehicles and goods on these sites. If you buy a stolen car, it is not your property. In fact, if the police find out, they will take the car away from you. That means that you stand to lose a whole load of money for no reason. The sellers on these sites don’t need to authenticate themselves. That means that they could be anyone at all.

tablet with keyboard Can You Trust Online Vehicle Adverts? We Investigate!


Look for a dealership webpage

Rather than looking at classified adverts, you should try to find a dealership online. If you want to see new Fords in Baltimore it is better to do so on a legitimate dealer site than on Gumtree. You should find a dealership in your area so that you can pick up your car quickly when you buy it. When you find a trustworthy company, you will find that you have all the information you need online. Sometimes, it is still worth going to see the car before you buy it. That way, you get to check it yourself before you sign an agreement.

Always ask for the right documents

If you want to check that a vehicle is authentic, you need to ask to see some documentation. Cars are a massive investment, and so you need to know that you are not wasting your hard-earned cash on a poor quality vehicle. You can speak to the salesperson about seeing some evidence of the car’s origins. He or she should have no issue getting you all the information you need.

Get a second opinion

Sometimes, it is difficult to make a decision by yourself. If you are not an expert when it comes to cars, you might need to talk to someone who is. You should ask someone to look at the models with you so that you can make an informed decision. There is a whole lot that goes into finding the right car, and so you should take your time in the process. If there are any faults with the vehicle, you are more likely to spot them if you have a second pair of eyes to help you.

If it sounds dodgy, it probably is

The main thing you need to remember is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. People try to lure buyers online with the promise of super cheap cars. You know in your mind how much a car should cost. If someone is claiming to offer a car for much less than it is worth, you have to wonder why that is. Why does that person need a quick sale? That might lead you to believe that there is more to the advert than meets the eye. It is crucial that you don’t let someone rip you off when you buy a car. If you follow this advice, that should not be a problem.


The automobile industry is a very big industry in the world. The developed countries like the US, the UK, Germany and Japan are the countries were world class automobiles are manufactured. The developing countries like India and Indonesia, the west Asian countries, the South American and the African countries provide markets for these auto giants. As per a survey conducted among the owners and drivers the most preferred world class automobile brands are Lexus, Jaguar, Skoda, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Volvo, Audi, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet and Ford.

The Lexus is a luxury brand of the Japanese Toyota Motors and they have an SUV Land Rover Freelander which is available in India priced approximately Rupees 40 to 49 lakh. The Land Rover Discovery4 is available for Rupees 1.08 to 1.14 crore and the sport SUV Range Rover for Rupees 1.10 to 1.66 crore. The Jaguar brand owned by the Tatas has the sedans XF and the XJL models priced Rupees 48.62 to 74 lakh and 93 to 184 lakh.

chevrolet camaro World class cars

The Skoda Motors is a Czech car manufacturer, which is now a part of the German company Volkswagen. It has some world class cars like the Skoda Octavia, a sedan launched in 1997, which is still a favourite all over the world. The Octavia is available with a price tag of Rupees 14.68 to 20.21 lakh. The US auto giant Mercedes Benz has produced many classy vehicles. Their hatchbacks the A class and the B class are available for Rupees 28 to 40 lakh. Their mid-class luxury sedans CLA class and C class are priced Rupees 31 to 40 lakh and their top luxury class sedans the E class, the CLS class and the S class Rupees 40 lakh to 1.40 crore.

Honda Motors, Mitsubishi Motors and Toyota Motors are the other Japanese auto giants producing world class cars. The Honda City a sedan famous all over the world for its high fuel efficiency is available for Rupees 7.53 to 11.54 lakh. The SUV Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is an affordable world class car priced Rupees 25 lakh. The Toyota Motors has the MUV Innova and the SUV Fortuner priced Rupees 12 to 26 lakh and the Land Cruiser Prado and the Land Cruiser priced Rupees 88 lakh to 1.19 crore.

The Swedish Volvo brand has the hatchback V40 priced Rupees 32 to 55 lakh and the sedans S60 and S80. The German Audi brand has a sedan A3 and an SUV Q3, which are world class cars priced Rupees 23 to 38.5 lakh. The hatchback Polo and the sedan Jetta from Volkswagen, Captiva from the Chevrolet and the SUV Endeavour from the Ford Motors are also some other world class cars currently available in India. Also checkout Automatic Cars in India



SEAT presents the perfect car for enjoying both life and performance: The new Leon ST CUPRA combines top performance in a unique way with style and utility. A maximum load space of 1,470 litres can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in the Leon ST CUPRA 280 in just 6.0 seconds – that’s how fast versatility can be. The stunning design, individual equipment options and excellent quality are further points that make the Leon ST CUPRA a very special proposition indeed. In true SEAT fashion, exceptional value-for-money is, of course, a given.

Among journalists and customers alike, the Seat Leon CUPRA is much admired as a Sport Coupé and as a five-door. In the trade media cross Europe, the CUPRA immediately became a consistent winner in comparison tests; its owners love its design and road manners. The new Leon ST CUPRA adds another dimension – the space of an estate. For work and family, for sports and hobbies – thanks to its versatility, the Leon ST CUPRA is the perfect sports car for all aspects of life.

“The new Leon ST CUPRA is the perfect complement to our high-performance model line-up. The combination of refined performance and expressive dynamics with relaxed long-distance comfort and compelling utility make it utterly unique,” says Jürgen Stackmann, President of SEAT S.A. “The Leon ST CUPRA shows the SEAT brand values at their best. We are proud of the technical excellence and quality it conveys.”

A concentrated package of hi-tech guarantees the enormous performance of the new Leon ST CUPRA. At the top is the 2.0 TSI engine with dual injection and variable camshaft timing. Depending on the version, it delivers an output of 195 kW / 265 PS or 206 kW / 280 PS. The DCC dynamic chassis control, the front differential lock, the progressive steering, the CUPRA Drive Profile and the standard-fit full-LED headlamps are further examples of its state-of-the-art technologies.


It’s no secret that electric and hybrid engines are becoming more and more popular. Visit any major city in the US or the UK and you’ll see hybrid motors dominating the roads. The biggest change is coming in our taxi services. You may have noticed the sheer number of cabs that are now powered by hybrid engines. This is all down to a big shift in green thinking. As a driver, you may have found yourself wondering whether a hybrid car would work for you. The simple answer is: yes, almost certainly.

Hybrid motoring is no longer a distant dream. It is not an anomaly or a future concept. It is the necessary reality. They are the future of driving. Not only that, but hybrid cars are now some of the best cars on the road. Quite simply, in ten years, all new cars will be hybrid designs.

new toyota prius This Is Why Your Next Car Should Be Electric

photo credit

It is now 14 years since Toyota released its iconic Prius worldwide. This was a huge step forward for green technology and hybrid engines. However, at first, it was almost a novelty. It was a nice idea, but it wasn’t particularly practical for most drivers. Some began using it for city driving and short journeys. However, they weren’t much good on motorways or long drives. Understandably, it has taken a while to take off.

Nearly 15 years on, the world of hybrids looks very different. Every car manufacturer on the planet has a hybrid car on the road or in production. There are three things pushing this change. The first is public awareness and demand. Environmental awareness is hitting an all time high in our general public. More than ever, we are conscious of the fuel we are burning and the resources we are draining. This is expressed in our driving choices. More people want a greener option.

Secondly, the change is coming from governments. Most world leaders offer tax incentives and insurance breaks to greener drivers. This is to ensure that countries hit their fuel consumption targets set by global treaties. This governmental shift is changing the nature of driving. Finally, the car manufacturers themselves are forcing this change. As a result of the first two points, car manufacturers are racing to find the best hybrid engine. We are leaving petrol engines behind, it’s just a matter of time.

With that in mind, it is essential that you start to consider a hybrid future. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new car, now is the time to consider hybrids. If you’re browsing cardealwarehouse.co.uk every day, hunt out the hybrids. This shift to electric motoring is an unstoppable, fundamental shift in driving. Your next car should reflect that. Even if you ignore that fact, there are plenty of immediate benefits to driving a hybrid.

Hybrid cars are actually much simpler machines. The technology sounds futuristic and complicated. In actual fact, the mechanics of a hybrid are far more simple than that of a traditional car. We’ve heard talk of people avoiding hybrids because of their complexity. There are suggestions that they are wildly different to traditional cars. Well, let’s put an end to that myth once and for all.

The first thing to understand is that a hybrid won’t change your driving in any way. You’ll drive the car exactly as you would an ordinary vehicle. The system works in a slightly different way, sure, but the fundamentals of driving don’t change a single bit. You still start the car, change gears and use the accelerator.

Secondly, you just need to understand how the hybrid system works. Sometimes that’s all it takes to settle any worries, and it’s a very simple system. Hybrid cars have two engines. One is an electric motor, the other is a traditional combustion engine. The combustion engine is much smaller than in traditional cars. Its purpose is to support the electric motor. Sometimes the traditional engine will charge the electric motor. In other cases, the traditional engine will take over completely and power the car. This will happen when you overtake or need some additional accelerating power.

As a driver, you needn’t worry about any of this. The car itself makes these decisions for you. It is designed to optimise the two engines and adapt to get the very best mileage. Hybrid cars also use regenerative braking to gather kinetic energy from the brakes. Clever, right?

This engine combination makes hybrid cars incredibly quiet. When starting, they only use the electric motor. This makes for an almost silent start. You’ll never experience vibrations while standing either. Hybrid cars are a much calmer, more relaxed way to drive.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits to driving a hybrid car is the monetary savings. Most hybrid owners will cut their fuel expenditure by half. They save you a fortune when fueling up and you’ll visit the pumps less often. Not only that but hybrid cars incur much lower taxes and running costs. Governmental incentives ensure that hybrid drivers pay low road tax. This makes them a great option for business too. A lot of business are now turning to hybrid fleets for their company cars.

They are reliable too. The simple machinery means that they actually last much longer than traditional engines. Warranties of up to eight years aren’t uncommon in the world of hybrids. You won’t find that with a traditional car. Many drivers have clocked up to 400,000 miles without a single problem.

One of the biggest complaints you hear when it comes to hybrids is the lack of speed and power. Quite simply, this is a myth. This certainly may have been true when the Prius was first launched. But, let’s look at the facts. The fastest lap time at the infamous Nurburgring was set by the Porsche 918 Spyder. A hybrid car. The hybrid Toyota TS030 recently came second in the grueling Le Mans 24 hours race. This is proof that hybrids are not the slow coaches they once were.

Finally, a hybrid car really does make a difference. It can be difficult to see how we can help the environment when we have such a small impact. However, you need only look at the big picture. Toyota estimates that hybrid cars have saved 34 million tons of carbon dioxide and 12 billion gallons of fuel.

We are just at the start of this hybrid revolution. Now is the time to start thinking about a hybrid as your next vehicle. If you don’t, you could be left behind.


Internet shopping is a huge industry right now. Many people do the majority of their shopping from home these days. Why should you walk around loads of shops when you can buy something at home? Traditionally, you might not expect people to buy cars online, but people save a lot of cash by doing so. If it is time to upgrade your ride, you need to know where to start. Here is an expert guide to buying a car online.

Shop around as much as you can

There are thousands of websites selling cars online. As a consumer, that gives you a huge advantage. You can find some great deals if you take some time to search online. The worst thing you can do is go with the first site you find. Instead, you need to give yourself time to consider all your great many options. Look out for special discounts or seasonal deals. Many websites, such as www.gkgroup.co.uk, have sales throughout the year. You could save a lot of money by buying your car at the right time. For example, the current Black Friday sales don’t just happen in stores. If you look at some online vendors right now, you might find that they are having a sale as well.

laptop An Expert Guide To Buying A Car Online

Credit: OTA Photos

Only buy from reputable sites

You need to make sure that you buy your car from a reputable vendor. The main drawback of buying a car online is that you don’t know which sites are legitimate. Avoid buying from forums and chat sites. Many unauthorized classified sites will list things for sale. Sites such as Gumtree and Craigslist might have great deals, but you don’t know if they are real. There are loads of dangers involved in buying from sites like these. Instead, choose an authorized site, such as Inchcape Lexus, so that you know your money is safe.

Always ask for specific details

If the vendor does not list all the vehicle’s specifics, you need to question that. You need all the information you can get so that you can make an informed decision. Could the vendor be hiding something? When people don’t want to give you information, there is usually a reason for that. Try to find specific details about each vehicle online. If you can’t find them, you can always call up the vendor and ask for yourself.

See whether there is an exchange scheme

If you are getting rid of your old car at the same time as buying a new car, you should check out exchange schemes. Some car vendors offer exchange discounts that could save you a lot of money. Selling a car can be a big hassle. If you can sell your car to a car vendor, it makes the entire process easy. When you are looking at various sites, look for exchange deals and see how much money you can save.

Be careful when buying second-hand imports

When you buy cars that came from overseas, you need to be careful. It is fine to buy a foreign name brand as most cars come from different countries. A problem arises, though, when you buy a car that a foreign office issued in their country. If the people who used to own your car live overseas, you might find that it doesn’t meet our regulations. Different countries have different rules and regulations when it comes to vehicles. If you buy a second-hand car from another country, you need to make sure that a local mechanic looks at it.

If you are unsure, pick up the phone

If anything seems wrong, you need to call the vendor directly. Things are difficult online and sometimes it can be hard to understand the deal you are getting. Before you buy, you might want to query some things about the car and your contract. Don’t worry about it. All you need to do is call up the vendor and ask for a salesperson. That way, you can speak to a professional and explain just what you want. The worst thing you can do is enter into an agreement that you don’t understand.

Check out delivery fees

Delivery fees can be super expensive. You are not getting a small package; you are getting a massive car. Sometimes vendors fail to list the delivery fee on their website. Some companies might even try and trick you into ignoring the fee until it is too late. Before you buy a vehicle, you need to know how much it will cost you to get it. It might make more sense for you to go to the showroom yourself and pick it up, rather than getting someone to deliver it. Make sure you consider all your options before you do anything.

Ask for a mechanical report

If you want to be extra safe when you buy a used car, you should ask for a mechanical report. As part of their system, car vendors take vehicles to garages to check them out and fix them up. That means that your vendor should already have a report about the car’s condition. All you need to do is ask to see the proper paperwork before you buy a car. Doing so means that you have an in-depth understanding of the vehicle that you are buying. You could waste your money on a poor car if you don’t do your research.

Make sure that your payment method is safe

When you are buying things online, you need to be safe. Be careful. You should never give someone your details via an email or in a web chat. Instead, you need to make sure that you use a proper payment form online to give the company your details. If the form you are using looks strange or has mistakes, don’t use it. Sometimes companies use fake forms to get your bank details online. Make sure that the form looks legitimate before you put your details into it. It might be worth using a secure payment system, like Paypal, for large transactions.




Buying a car isn't as easy a task as it once may have been. Instead of merely checking the engine, tires, tax and interior,...