Changing your mindset for winter driving

Changing your mindset for winter driving


Wintry conditions have a drastic effect on our roads; often causing chaos around the UK due to snowfall, icy roads and poor conditions having an effect on cars and drivers. Whether you are driving a BMW in London or a Land Rover in the country, you must prepare your mind for driving in wintry conditions as otherwise you could be setting yourself up for a fall. Here are just some of the things you should think about before driving in bad weather:

Only make necessary journeys

The great thing about driving is the freedom to go where you want when you want, but that mindset has to change when poor conditions are dominating our shores. It pays to only make necessary journeys as bad weather can cause traffic problems in densely populated areas and make country roads insurmountable. It is easier to stay home in the warm and wait for conditions to improve before potentially wasting time or worse being trapped when out and about.

Plan ahead

By not making impromptu trips you give yourself the opportunity to plan out your journey in detail. Be sure to avoid particularly tricky roads to negotiate even in good weather as they may become impassable when bad weather hits. Keep a close eye on potential problems on the roads by listening out to traffic broadcasts as you may have to change your desired route for another, which is easy when at home in front of a route planner.

Prepare the car

Your car is as much as a fish out of water as you when terrible wintry weather hits. That makes it vital to ensure that it is ready to drive in bad weather. If snow has fallen make sure you clear all the windows and roof of snow for visibility and safety. Maintain healthy fluid levels across the board as in poor conditions you don’t want to get stuck because of an issue that you could have foreseen.

Be extra cautious

Once you have made the choice to venture out in snowy and icy conditions then your driving style must accommodate for it. It is important to heighten your awareness as things can happen far quicker in treacherous conditions and prepare for any incidents. Start off slowly to avoid skidding, leave far more stopping space and don’t brake or steer suddenly as it may cause an incident.




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