Common Mistakes to Avoid When Repairing Your Vehicle

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Repairing Your Vehicle


With many households tightening their belts, the popularity of do it yourself automobile repairs has increased in recent years. It’s no longer necessary for vehicle owners to take their car to the garage every time something goes wrong. There’s a wealth of repairs that can be completed at home, with just a little mechanical know how and a lot of common sense. Remember that the more care you take with your repairs, the better the results will be. You don’t want to spend time repairing your vehicle only to cause more damage and end up paying a higher price later on.

Failing to Wear the Correct Protective Equipment

It’s much more likely that an accident will occur if you don’t wear the correct protective equipment when working on your vehicle. Don’t make the mistake of believing that it will ‘be alright’ if you leave off the goggles and the gloves. If you’re working underneath your car, using pressurized systems or using power tools, goggles are essential. Mechanics gloves or a rubber equivalent are fairly inexpensive to buy and will protect your hands from all kinds of dermatological risks when working with dust, grease or fluids. Open canisters or tanks of petrol emit toxic fumes, so make sure your nose and mouth are covered to avoid inhaling.

Working in the Wrong Space

If you work on your vehicle in the wrong setting, it can be very dangerous. When attempting repairs, make sure the car is parked on a flat surface. Sloping driveways are not suitable and you should make sure that the car is raised correctly with a lightweight trolley jack and the wheels are blocked before starting work. Your workspace should always be properly ventilated, particularly if your vehicle is running. A proper ventilation or hose exhaust system connected to the tailpipe and routed outside is recommended. Messy or cluttered workspaces greatly increase the likelihood of an accident occurring in the form of trips and slips. Keep your work area tidy and well-organised. This will also help you work more efficiently and keep the equipment you need to hand.

Not Considering Burns

Burns are a very real risk in terms of automotive repairs and you should make sure that you’re adequately protected from them. Begin repairs on a cool engine and never remove the radiator cap while the cooling system is hot. You should always leave a couple of hours for the engine to cool down before opening any part of the cooling system, even if this means that the speed of your repairs is slowed down. It’s better to do things a little more slowly and remain safe.



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