Hyundai Sonata is a Concert of Technology in a Family Sedan

Hyundai Sonata is a Concert of Technology in a Family Sedan


The focus at Hyundai has always been on reliability and economy, and these have been the driving forces behind the thinking of the design of the Sonata. Instead of having the usual 4 or 6 cylinder options, Hyundai has instead produced two new 4-cylinder engines that have improved performance, as well as offering better fuel efficiency. This has been combined with a Californian-inspired, fluidly sculpted body shape that gives the Sonata a profile that is more reminiscent of a European performance car than a practical family sedan.

We spoke to some very knowledgeable sales associates at our local Raleigh car dealership, Sport Durst of NC. According to them customers are drawn to the Sonata mostly because of features like its roomy interior and large trunk space, which make it a practical choice for the day to day tasks of urban life. Just underneath that common-sense surface there are unexpected luxury features, like a fully adjustable driver’s seat, with eight way controls accessible via the steering wheel. The Sonata is also big on passenger comfort as well, with heated seats throughout and more leg room than any other car in its class.

img2 Hyundai Sonata is a Concert of Technology in a Family Sedan

There is also a full array of technology integrated into the design with, access to Hyundai’s Blue Link that does everything from finding the nearest gas station to providing monthly reports on your vehicle’s performance, right down to alerting you to low tire pressures. There is also a comprehensive touch screen navigation and sound system built into the car, with full USB connectivity and hands-free Bluetooth phone functionality. Features like the proximity key, that allow you to remotely lock or unlock the car and provide push button start as well as a rear view camera, are usually only found in top end luxury cars. While the soul of the Sonata remains a value for money family car, it provides all of the modern conveniences and safety technology that you need for safe, comfortable motoring on modern roads.



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