Picking the right Land Rover

Picking the right Land Rover


Land Rover has gone from strength to strength as SUVs and 4x4s become immensely popular in the market. The Premium 4×4 maker has managed to intertwine superior levels of quality and dynamic ability on and off-road into a package that has turned their range into one of the most desirable in the industry. If you have been charmed by what a Land Rover has to offer, but are not sure on which one fits into your lifestyle, then here is a run through of what you can expect of each model:


There’s no mistaking that the Land Rover Defender belongs in the most challenging terrain. It’s an icon of off-road driving, which in lots of ways detracts from its on-road potential. Unlike the rest of the Land Rover marque, the Defender will not go well on tarmac, but its ability off-road is unequalled. Its’ rugged build quality makes it perfect for working on farms and other labour intensive jobs.


The original SUV is still a great car despite growing slightly old in the tooth when compared to its younger siblings. A Freelander is class-leading off-road, but is nowhere near as compromised as the Defender when on the road. It does look dated inside, but its comfort and performance outweigh any potential issues.


Possibly the greatest 4×4 ever built is the best way to introduce a Land Rover Discovery. It is the ultimate grounds for compromise doing everything you could hope from a car. There’s plenty of practicality blended effortlessly with supreme off-road and on-road capability, as well as sumptuous luxury that puts Land Rover’s large SUV at the top of the class by some distance.

Range Rover crop

Land Rover has tweaked its show-stopping model in three separate guises that makes it all things to all men. First of all, there is the standard Range Rover, which is a versatile, practical and dynamic SUV in its own right, however it was improved by Land Rover to get even more from a flagship model. The Sport model shrinks it down to offer an additional breadth of ability and desirability to have an ability to go anywhere at any time; while the Evoque brings a touch of glamour and styling to the crop that continues to go from strength to strength.

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