Staying alert on a long drive

Staying alert on a long drive


Driving vast distances requires a lot of stamina and alertness throughout the length of the journey. However, the long a trip doziness can seep in; especially at night as you fight to keep your eyes open, while your passengers are often happily snoring away. This can test the most experienced of drivers as even driving a fast car like the new Jaguar XF won’t be guaranteed to keep you awake. So, here are some tips on how to maintain your concentration for long periods when on the road:

Keep hydrated

A sure-fire way to stop yourself feeling drowsy is to drink water as it revitalises your senses. If you feel yourself paying less attention then having a drink of water can really help. You are supposed to drink numerous litres of water a day, so make sure on every long distance journey you partake in there are bottles available. Remember, there are service stations where you can pick some up if you forget.

Open a window

Tiredness can feel like an onslaught to your senses while you are driving; especially if you are under a time restraint for the length of your trip. One good tip to help stave off the drowsiness is to either turn up the air conditioning to make it cooler or opening the window to get a wakening breeze to wash the cobwebs away. Too much heat is always likely to make you feel sleepy, so be sure to turn down the heating and make it cooler to maintain your concentration.

Pull over for a nap or rest

The biggest single thing that makes you nod off on a long journey is the repetitive nature of the task. Breaking up the trip is a good way of making sure you don’t succumb to boredom and begin falling asleep at the wheel. You may not necessarily go to sleep, but just stretching your legs and getting out of the car can help. However, if you do feel sleepy don’t drink caffeine and think the problem is solved; instead actually rest your eyes for twenty minutes.

Stay interactive

If you are beginning to lose your concentration throughout the trip and have other passengers in the car with you then wake them up and ask them to talk to you. A problem shared is a problem halved and something as simple as small talk to take your mind of the monotony of the journey and before you know you will almost be there.



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