4 Key Benefits Of Company Cars

If you have yet to make the move of bringing company cars into your business, then, perhaps, this guide is for you. There are plenty of advantages of starting up a fleet of vehicles that can be worth investigating – so we thought we would go through them one by one. It doesn’t matter whether you are a big company looking to build a fleet, or a small business wanting to provide select workers with a vehicle. All businesses could benefit – and here’s why.

Here’s the thing about employees: they like to feel valued. To put it simple, people like getting company cars. It makes them feel like they are appreciated and boosts their morale, in more ways than one. For example, it gives them the opportunity to own a vehicle that they otherwise could not afford. It also gives their self-worth a boost in the right direction. Also, it can help you reduce your tax bill. If you have employees paying into a car scheme, then it comes out of their wages before any deductions are made. That means fewer costs for you.

Easy to start your own fleet

It’s never been simpler to start forming your own fleet of cars for your company. There are two ways you can begin buying on company cars, and both tend to give you a better deal than you would get by purchasing privately. Firstly you could choose a manufacturer or and set up some deal for your cars. Secondly, you could find a dealer. Again, you might find better prices here, either as a one-off purchase, lease or on a finance option. Take a look at http://listers.co.uk/Leasing/Offers/Toyota for a good example. You’ll see that there are plenty of choices for businesses – and those options should get cheaper the more cars you buy.

Advertising, for free

If you are going to buy in company cars for your staff anyway, then you could also think about using them for publicity – at no extra cost to yourself. A little brand recognition in your local area is going to be good for your business, and it will help to build up your identity. You could have a straight up logo painted onto all of your cars or think about doing something a little wackier. Take drinks company Innocent, for example. They are one of many businesses that have company vehicles astroturfed to show off their natural credentials.

Show off your commitment to the environment

You don’t have to cover your cars with plastic grass to show you are an eco-conscious company, however. In fact, you could just buy or loan in a fleet of hybrid or electric cars and make a big noise about it in the local press. This will raise the bar in boosting the public perception of you business – not to mention being cheaper to run thanks to fewer fuel costs. Don’t forget that many people are beginning to be a lot more choosy about the companies that they buy from these days. Those green values could well help you prise business away from the competition – and keep it.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why company cars could be right for your business – are you tempted? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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