Buying a car is a process that the majority of us will have to go through at some point in our life and it can be a very stressful procedure. Deciding on the style and type of car you need, your budget, and learning the mechanical lingo can be overwhelming. But the bottom line is that everyone wants the best deal possible when buying a car. Here are 4 ways to get the best deal when buying a car.

1. Assess What You Will Use The Car For

Before you even buy the car, figure out what you will be using it for. Websites like Boost Classifieds provide listings of multiple cars so they you can see what types are on the market at the moment. Evaluate the distance and terrain that you’ll typically be driving over and from there the car make and model that you should aim for. Also take into account how long you plan on having the car, there’s no point buying a cheaper car with a lot of mileage if you plan on having it for a while, as the costs in servicing and repairs will outweigh the value in the long run.

2. See If There Is a Trade-in Discount

Many car resellers will offer a significant price discount if you trade in your current vehicle at the same time as buying the new car. This can be a great way of reducing the price and letting someone else handle the removal of your old car. This is a great option if you are short on time or don’t want to bother with the effort of reselling your car personally.

3. Negotiate

Always make sure that you negotiate the price down. Most manufacturers mark up the initial price significantly, so by negotiating down to their invoice price you can get the best deal for you, as well as allowing the manufacturers to meet their costs. Negotiate down and up respectively in increments until you reach a price that you both agree at.

4. Treat The Dealer with Respect

Whilst the stereotypical car dealer is supposedly only out to make a quick buck, the majority of car dealers are not like them. Treat them with respect, and show that you understand a bit about cars and chances are they will treat you with respect back. Dealers will be more inclined to give you a better deal when buying a car if they like you.

Getting the best deal possible when purchasing a car can be tricky. By following these tips, chances are you’ll leave with a better deal than you had anticipated. Know what you are able to spend on a car, and try and be firm about your budget – there will be other cars and better deals in the future, so don’t get too caught up in the moment. What are your tips for getting a good deal on a car? Leave them in the comments below!

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