These days there are many different manufacturers out there making cars for us. Some have been around for years, and we know them well. You’ve got Ford, BMW, Audi, VW, Vauxhall, Citroen, Peugeot, Mercedes, Renault, etc. If I asked you to name three car manufacturers, you’d probably name three from that list. But what about some of the lesser known brands that are growing in popularity? I take a look at some smaller manufacturers taking the British market by storm.


A car manufacturer born out of Romania. Immediately, you can see Dacia are unique. The key selling point of Dacia cars is their incredible value. They specialise in mid to large-sized vehicles, it’s very much a family centred company. Dacia are growing in popularity among people looking for the perfect family car. They’re all about fitting as much room as possible, without compromising on the comfort.


Kia have been living in the shadows of their Korean brother, Hyundai, for a few years now. But, they’re starting to produce some very popular cars. As you can see on, Kia offer a wide range of vehicles. They have small cars, that are great as a young person’s first car. Then they have the ever versatile mid-sized cars, and bigger cars, perfect for families. Kia sales are improving year by year, and they’re definitely a growing brand. People are starting to recognize the Kia quality and choosing their cars over some of the most popular ones.


A great example of a small company that have gone on to do great things. Skoda used to be looked down on, and people giggled when they saw one in the street. Now, Skoda’s are a popular car choice for many in Britain. They offer a complete range of vehicles, from small to large, making them a very versatile manufacturer. Their flagship car, the Skoda Yeti, features one of the most unique car designs you’ll ever see.


While Subaru have been on the market for a while, they’re still not in the same leagues as an Audi or BMW. This Japanese powerhouse has no time for small cars; they offer size and power. The smallest car they sell is the BRZ, and that’s more of a sports car than a three-door small car. Subaru also offers one of the best-priced sports car on the market in the WRX STI. It’s a car many of you may know from your favourite racing video games, and it’s incredibly available for the British public. It’s kitted out with racing seats and lots of horsepower, it’s certainly a beast that needs taming.

These ‘smaller’ car manufacturer can offer a nice change to the usual big boys of motoring. Sometimes opting for a lesser-known brand can save you money when buying a car. There’s no shame in going for something different either; you don’t have to have a car made by a well-known brand. A lot of the time people go for the recognized brands just because they’re recognized. You could end up missing out on the perfect car if you don’t give one of the smaller guys a go!

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