Vast areas of Britain have been truly battered by storms that have torn through isolated villages and even densely populated cities alike. Rivers have swollen uncontrollably due to immense levels of rainfall and many have broken their banks to flood numerous towns and cause substantial damages to countless homes and leaving many lives in tatters. This year’s adverse weather conditions have also made many roads impassable by ordinary vehicles as the water levels rose. Water is a real killer of vehicles as it gets into the engine and floods it causing the engine to fail. Water damage is not a quick, cheap or simple issue to fix even for the most reliable of mechanic, so it’s best to not even to brave flooded roads in many cars. However, some vehicles are better equipped to wade through water and survive the aftermath of flood waters, and they are 4x4s.

Here are just some of your options from the likes of

Hyundai Sante Fe

The Korean car maker has come a long way in recent years and now boasts an impressive high-riding 4×4 option. The Sante Fe is a remarkably good 4×4 for the money; offering neat-styling, good equipment levels and a refinement not expected of such a budget brand. Better still, its intelligent four-wheel-drive system will keep you and it utterly assured in difficult and slippery conditions when the bad weather brings in bucket loads of water.

Mitsubishi Shogun

Durability and rugged build quality are often overlooked for drivers, but with the weather so unstable they should be further up the list of priorities. The Shogun balances the ability to perform in poor conditions and traditional off-road ability expected of any 4×4. It manages to dovetail this neatly with a dogged charm that does help it get under your skin and take your gaze of some of the refinement that it lacks inside and out.

Land Rover Discovery

If luxury is at the top of your wish list then there is no other model that intertwines the ability to cope in bad weather and provide unashamed refinement inside the cabin with plush materials throughout. Ability on and off-road pushes the Discovery to be class-leader offering the high ground clearance to forge through normally impassable roads and the ability to thrill when it is nice and dry. The Range Rover Sport and Freelander are also good options, but for overall capability the Discovery pips both.


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