Rumor has it that Fiat is looking to push the Chrysler 200 into a handful of markets around the globe. According to Automotive News, the Italian automaker has its sight set on reworking the car into Lancia and introducing it in mainland Europe. At the same time, the standard Chrysler 200 may debut in the UK and Ireland. Interestingly enough, Fiat isn’t mulling the move because it thinks that the 200 can go head to head with the rest of the small car. Instead, the company is hoping to bolster its fleet sales in various European markets.

That’s not to say that the deal is set in stone at this point. The Chrysler 200 has a major chink in its armor when it comes to doing battle in Europe – it doesn’t come with a diesel option. With only two gasoline engine options, Fiat would have to source its own oil-burning powerplant to make the ploy work. Throw in the fact that the car is set to be replaced in three years and the likelihood of seeing the 200 in Europe is slimmer yet. Still, the company says that it’s currently looking at the numbers to see if there’s a solid business case for the move.

Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req’d via Carscoop


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