The Wooden car is an attractive handicraft which is very fond of the kids. It is a simple toy that needs a little woodworking skill to prepare. It is safe, inexpensive and contains small parts. The Wooden car is small, and you can make it quickly. Even better, it is made of wood and not plastic. It is also one of the best woodworking projects nowadays. It can be considered as a classic toy and contains hours of fun especially for your little ones. Finally, wooden car lasts a long time, and it can be used one generation to the next. So let’s see how to create a wood car within a short time.

Required Tools:

  • Plywood
  • Hammer
  • 4 Wheels
  • A drill press/hand drill
  • Nails
  • A steering wheel
  • Paint
  • 2 Rods
  • 4 Clamps
  • Spray adhesive and a wood glue
  • Gloves & Goggles
  • Sandpaper

The procedure of Creating Wood Car:

Creating Wood Car

Step 01: Draw a Simple Design

First of all, draw a simple design that what type of car you would like to make. You can use a pencil to make a design. Use a scale to outline the car. Cut the car outline using a utility knife. Take a piece of pinewood just bigger than the design you desire to make. Place the design paper on the pinewood. Trace the perfect outline of the wood. Cut the pieces of pinewood for all the body parts of the car. Wear the goggles and gloves so that the sawdust doesn’t hurt your hands and eyes.

Step 02: Make the body of the car

Use a drill press along with ¼ inch drill bit and make two holes for the front plus rear axles. Use a nailer to make a 7/8 inch hole for the window of the car. To cut the outlined using a jigsaw and preserve the extra wood for later. Utilize the sandpaper to make smooth out the rough edges. To do this task well, you can use one of the best woodworking tools.

Step 03: Cut the Axle

The length of the axle would be the thickness of the wood. It should be 1 or 2 mm for easy movement. For making a tire, you need a round piece of wood along with a hole the same size just like the dowel.

Step 04: Prepare the wheel

To make four wheels use a 1.5-inch drill. The drill bit must be a ¼ inch, and it is perfect to make holes. Sand the wheel sides until smooth. Sand the edges of the wheels until rounded. Employ wood stain and enable it to dry among coats. Place in a 3 inches wooden rod into the face axle hole plus attach the wheel to every side. Now repeat this process for the rear axle.

Step 05: Attach the wheel

Attach the first tire to the dowel. You can use one of the best table saws for this purpose. If you want to paint the dowels you have to do it first. I suggest putting a little painters tape on the top to be strong the wheel. But if you paint the wood, glue doesn’t work in some cases. When the paint is dry, put a few glue on the axle. Attach the tire and hold on for about thirty seconds so that it is tightly held. Wait for some times before moving to the next step.

Wood Car

Step 06: Paint the car

Decorate the car with paint to look elegant. Spray paint is perfect nowadays. A few coats look the car shiny. Paint naturally top to bottom of the car. Once, the paint is dry and then move on to the next process.

Step 07: Attach the Final Wheels

Put the axel throughout the car and fasten the other wheel. Be careful when you are using glue. You should not stick the glue in the car. After sometimes make sure that the wheels rotate. Dry it overnight so that the glue can be firm.

Step 08: Decorate the car

You can decorate your car in different ways. Write a racing car number on the back side. Add a car name along with symbol you like. Finally, you are done.

To make a wooden car is a beauty and it is quite simple. You can do it in your house without any trouble by using one of the best miter saws. We think the above tips will be very much supportive of making a wooden car. It is great fun and amusement as well. Share this post with others if you are satisfied with.

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