Dodge minivan owners know what I mean when I make a statement about them not being for only soccer parents anymore. Ample head and foot room make it feel as if you’re traveling within a small room, rather than a car and make it my vehicle of choice for all purposes. And it also allows the driver to keep the smelly soccer stuff a good distance away from him or her.

Carpooling in a Dodge minivan can easily be done, too. Due to the fact that gas is back at about three dollars and fifty cents a gallon, riding with 5 or more people within the minivan might take a little more gas, but that’s insignificant compared to taking 5 or 6 other vehicles off the road and the savings in emission and fossil fuel use. The fantastic thing about Dodge minivans is the fact that seven passengers are easily carried within the van without trouble. There’s not a bad seat in the house.

Due to the fact that the Dodge Minivan has been given a rating of 17 city/25 highway MPG by the EPA, if you consistently travel around 10 miles every day to go to work and take five passengers with you, each week you will end up saving 600 miles. That would equal up to total savings of twenty five thousand miles yearly, more than twelve thousand gallons of gas and four thousand dollars!  At that rate, you can easily afford to get some coffee on your way to work more regularly. Besides the savings on gas and emissions, if six people share the cost of a single tank of gas, it almost becomes trivial! Since the average household income has decreased a lot over the past 3 years this takes a little bite out of that loss.

The minivan makes it easy for the kids to sit at some distance apart, preserving sanity of all involved on long road trips. Kids welcome being able to sit farther apart from one another, too. Often the kids can sit at greater than arm’s length from each other and spread out into their own space. An additional advantage of the van is the ability to switch up seats without trouble to rearrange baggage that builds up on a trip. Dodge has made this very easy to do and there’s no wrestling with the seats involved. We were able to test this out during our test drive at Troy Dodge dealer Lynch DCJ.

We love taking trips in our Dodge minivan and using it as our mini recreational vehicle. When we are traveling in it, we are comfortably traveling with so much passenger foot and head room that it almost is as if we are traveling on a bus. We can effortlessly carry with us anything we need without feeling as if half of our bags are in our laps or without feeling cramped. It has made getting to our vacation spots so much more enjoyable.


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