The Czech car manufacturer has had far from easy beginnings by being the punch line of every car joke going. Famed for non-descript, unreliable and shoddy models their brand was about as low down the buying pecking order as possible. However, that was twenty years ago and this is now; where Skoda sits proudly as part of the VW stable and has grown to become the byword for quality and value for money. Here’s how Skoda has transformed itself to be one of the most popular ranges at Lifestyle Europe:

Air of confidence

You can’t knock the marketing department at Skoda for not taking a gamble. Their name choices for the majority of their marquee ranges from over assuredness to sheer lunacy; with the Fabia, Roomster, Superb and Yeti to mention a few. However, their ability to pull them off without having egg on their face indicates just how good their garage has grown to be and the capability of all models to compete in whichever segment they sit in.

Undeniable quality

There has been an overdue shift in Skoda’s ability to build refined cars under the guidance of Volkswagen. Build quality is now on a par with their German owner and the refinement of the finish even leads you to question how VW can compete. VW may be slowly shooting itself in the foot with the price and quality of Skoda, but there will be few within the Czech brand worrying about that as they push onto the next level.

Immense practicality

As soon as you get in the back of a Skoda Superb you are blown away by the sheer amount of space you are afforded. Leg and headroom is substantial with cavernous boots across its marque ensuring that you never lack for space for passengers or luggage. The focus of Skoda on improving practicality is highlighted by their choice to name one of their brood, the Roomster. Surely that says it all?

Reliability in abundance

No matter how much truth there is in car satisfaction surveys you can’t help but be impressed by Skoda’s standing. Ranked in the top five for most of its models, reliability is one of its core strength. This is made even more remarkable having turned around a reputation for cars that spent far too long sitting on the side of motorways. Nowadays, you can trust a Skoda to not only get you to your destination, but do it in enviable economy.

SKODA cars can no longer be discounted as they have a model every market that just stands out on value alone.

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