Knowing how to get the best deal on a used car can be somewhat of an art form. Not only do you need lots of information about average prices, but you also need to know a little bit about engines too. Around 30% of people who purchase second-hand models in the UK say they are less than satisfied with their decision. That is something that needs to change. There are some fantastic used models out there if you know where to look. Avoiding registered dealerships and opting to get something second-hand could also save you thousands of pounds. You just need to get it right.

If you’re worried about appearances; don’t be! With a bit of care and attention, it is easy to make a used car look brand new. All you need to be concerned with is ensuring you don’t get ripped off by less than honest sellers. After performing a lot of research, we believe we have some handy tips that should help you to make the right choices. Whether or not you listen to our advice is completely up to you. We have no problem with saying, “I told you so” when you come back here complaining of a bad deal.

Know everything about your chosen model

If you walk into a used dealership, all starry-eyed with no idea about which model you want to buy, the salesman will almost certainly try to take advantage. At the end of the day, that’s how these businesses make the bulk of their income. So, you need to look online before you leave home a gather all the information you can about any model you’re considering. Once you know a lot about the car, you will be in a better position to identify when a salesman is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Take a trained mechanic to viewings

You might have to spend a bit of money for your local mechanic to come along and check the car over before you make a purchase. However, doing so could mean you save a lot of cash by avoiding bad deals. People with experience and qualifications in this industry are best placed to offer impartial advice. While you might not notice any troubling signs, a mechanic will spot them a mile away. Also, they can check serial numbers to ensure you’re not buying something that has been stolen, or involved in a major accident.

Don’t buy used

One sure-fire way of making sure you don’t get ripped off on the second-hand market is to avoid it altogether. You can get some fantastic deals on new models these days if you look online. Even when it comes to purchasing high-end cars from top manufacturers. Audi and Mercedes Autohouse cars are usually much cheaper than people imagine. So, it’s always worth taking a look.

So long as you follow those basic tips, the chances of you getting a bad deal of the used market will decrease significantly. Just make sure you always take your time, and never agree to make a purchase until you’re 100% certain it’s a good idea.


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