How to Find the Right Chain Conveyor for Your Business

Conveyor belts are used widely in many industrial and retail premises and applications. This type of machinery is the best solution for moving products and materials around a shopfloor and between transit vehicles and the factory site. These belts save a lot of time, money and physical effort; companies can spend more money on the business itself and staff members avoid the risk of back or repetitive strain injury. Not all conveyors are the same, though, so read on to make sure you know how to choose the right one for you.

Take your time to research the different options

Look at all the different types of conveyor available to you. There are many varying grades and quality of belt and chain out there, and you also need to think about what you’ll be using the belt for. If you’re making heavy objects, you’ll need a more durable model, like the ones made by Renold chain manufacturers; if you’re in food production, a chain that needs no lubricant is better.

The level of maintenance and the costs of replacing parts are also important considerations. Always go for a system that involves the minimum of maintenance and has parts that are long-lasting. These models may be more expensive initially, but this extra cost is worth it in the long run.

Choose a respected company

When you know they type of model you need, look for a manufacturer. Examine reviews and industry reputation and narrow your search down to a shortlist of three or so. Talk to previous clients – the manufacturer should be happy to hook you up – and find out how their system has worked and how the supplier dealt with any problems and how easy maintenance is. Factor cost in to your decision, but not as your top priority.

Talk to your chosen supplier

Once you’ve settled on a manufacturer you should talk to them about your needs and take their advice. The company should send someone to your premises to take measurements and do an assessment, including suggesting the best way to install your system. Many manufacturers install their own systems, but if not, they should recommend an operator. You should also ask about aftercare – is it possible to do some or all of it yourself? If not, is there a care package and how much will it cost?

Think ahead with your enquiries

Of course there are many benefits to your business from having a belt conveyor, but you can only increase these by taking your time to work out the best system, the best manufacturer and the best aftercare provision.
Use these factors as your main selection points – initial cost should be secondary as you’ll only have to pay it once! The rate of replacement and on-going maintenance expenses are more important. Don’t be fooled by a cheap conveyor system, or think that you can get by with one that isn’t heavy-duty enough for your needs if you’re really, really careful – it won’t end well.


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