What makes a sportscar like the Porsche 911 the dynamic wonder it is today? Relentless development and fine-tuning. With the introduction of the 2011 model, Nissan is doing the same with the GT-R, boosting performance and adding amenities while tacking on two new variants to its ever-expanding line up.

For 2011 the entire GT-R range – previewed at the Paris Motor Show and due to hit North American dealers around February – the upgrades come from a range of enhancements outside, inside and underneath. Although the 2011 model may look almost identical to the outgoing version, Nissan has labored arduously to improve aerodynamics – increasing downforce by 10% while reducing drag by a hundredth of a G – with new bumpers front and rear, larger vents and an enlarged diffuser. LED running lights are most notably integrated into those strakes on the front corners, while inside the cabin gets a new instrument panel and carbon fiber trim.

But it’s the 2011 GT-R’s guts that set it apart: the boost has been increased, the valve timing adjusted and the ECU recalibrated to bump output up to 523 horsepower and 451 pound-feet of torque – an increase from the outgoing model’s 485 hp and 434 lb-ft. The engine also gets a glowing red cover to set it apart, along with a strut brace links the suspension towers. The suspension has also been retuned, and mounted to new 20-inch Rays wheels barely hiding the redesigned brake discs that promise to fade less and last longer.

All those improvements are fitted to the standard GT-R and to the SpecV, which otherwise carries on pretty much unchanged. New to the family are the Club Track edition and the Egoist version. The former has been developed specifically for driver training and specially-organized track events, though few details have been released as to what those competition-oriented modifications entail. The Egoist model, meanwhile, (previously thought to be called the SpecM) gets a unique quilted leather interior (pictured at right) crafted by Germany’s Seton Company from a choice of 20 colors, further set apart on the exterior by the carbon spoiler, wheels and titanium exhaust from the SpecV. There’s a whole load of fine details to assimilate, so follow the jump for the full press release, and don’t forget to have a stroll through the brand-spankin’-new gallery of 48 high-resolution images showing the new GT-R family from every angle.


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