Purchasing a New Car? Here are Some Technologies to Look Out For!

Buying a car isn’t as easy a task as it once may have been. Instead of merely checking the engine, tires, tax and interior, the automotive consumer of today is often presented with a bewildering array of technologies to pore over, many of which will be very much new territory for those unaccustomed with the cars of 2015. If you’re one of these people, but want to know more about the sorts of tech that now are commonplace in the vehicles of today, here are some of the more commonplace technologies that might be encountered.

Continuously Variable Transmissions

It used to be the case that cars would have four or five speed transmissions, ensuring that the engine and transmission would have more opportunities to mesh together power. Today though, many cars are outfitted with CVTs, transmissions that have an infinite number of gear ratios. This allows the engine to send power to individual wheels in the most efficient manner possible, saving you hundreds in gas payments.

In-Car Wi-Fi

Many owners of newer cars are choosing to turn their cars in to mobile Wi-Fi hotspots through the use of clever devices that transmit 3G signals through the use of a simple SIM card. These can be incredibly useful for a number of reasons. If your passengers enjoy playing casino games at sites such as SpinPalace.com, playing roulette whilst the wheels roll, they can simply log on to the net whilst on the move, for instance. The same goes for letting the kids play Minecraft or watch movies on Netflix, or letting yourself stream music to your car stereo.

Electric Power Assist Steering

In terms of fuel efficiency and safety, there are few innovations in the automotive world more useful that that of EPAS. This form of steering has generally phased out hydraulic power steering, and will often be provided alongside technologies such as lane keeping assist and assisted parking, all of which are controlled by the car’s onboard computer.

Active Safety

Cars are becoming safer with the release of every new model, and the majority of these safety increases are due to computer-controlled systems that rely on the constant collection of data from sensors located around the car. This is called active safety, where advancements such as steering assist, crosswind assist, blind spot assist, pedestrian detection, high beam assist and collision prevention come together to provide a 360-degree aversion to all things that could harm the driver, pedestrians and other motorists. As one might imagine, such systems can precipitously reduce one’s insurance premiums, as well as the risk to health!

Have you bought a car recently? Were there any cutting-edge technologies featured that simply blew you away? Tell us what they were in the comments section.

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