According to Car and Driver, General Motors may have something special planned for the Detroit Auto Show in January. Word on the web is that The General is planning to pull back the sheets on the next vehicle to use the extended-range hybrid drivetrain from the Chevrolet Volt. The next branch in GM’s electrified family tree will be a five-seat crossover, potentially called the Chevrolet Amp. Using the same basic architecture, engine, motor and batteries from the Volt, a production Amp would help GM spread its substantial Voltec development costs over more than one model.

GM has been making noise about a crossover with Volt guts for some time, and thanks to the sleuth work of the detectives at Car and Driver, we know we may be closer than ever to seeing the vehicle become a reality. The company has gone through the pains to register a host of web domain names associated with the Amp moniker, some of which were snapped up as recently as October. Combined with the unveiling of the Volt MPV5 Concept at the 2010 Beijing Motor Show, there’s a good chance that a battery-operated Crossover will grace Detroit with its presence next month. Thanks for the tip, Phrime!

Source: Car and Driver


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