Jaguar has let it slip that the company may be working on a new crossover, and Autocar has gone through the trouble of rendering the machine. According to the report, the company is under pressure to expand into niches traditionally outside of its scope, much as sister company Land Rover has done with the Evoque. That may translate into a new high-riding hatchback based off of an upcoming compact sedan. That’s right. Autocar claims Jaguar is out to launch six other “significant” new products over the next two years, and that’s excluding the “radical crossover” seen here.

Needless to say, the project hasn’t gotten the go-ahead from corporate just yet, but if it does, expect to see it built on the company’s new modular aluminum “Premium Lightweight Architecture” originally penned for its large vehicles. Jaguar could also borrow the bones of the previously mentioned Evoque for this little science experiment. Those two options present a disparate view of the would-be utility Jaguar. Of course, the model is a very, very long way from becoming reality. Head over to Autocar to see the full rendering.


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