Getting stuck with a broken down vehicle in a remote location is a nightmare for motorists, and with good reason. Factors like adverse weather can lead to huge peaks in the number of call-outs that recovery services receive, and can leave you waiting in the cold for much longer than you would expect – even if you are a fully paid up member of such a scheme. Even owning a newer model car doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to escape the threat of breakdown, as a collision caused by the carelessness of another driver or multiple punctures are just a couple of the unfortunate occurrences that can spell disaster when out on the roads.

Here are a few useful items that you should never be without, so that you can face the worst should the need arise:

  • A warm waterproof coat may be invaluable if you are stuck for any amount of time, or need to scramble around to look for increased mobile phone coverage after being stranded. The weather can change at any time, and temperatures may significantly drop after dark so remember to bring one even if it looks fine when you set off.
  • A torch can not only help you to identify problems with your vehicle in poor visibility, it can help you to be safe by the roadside by alerting other motorists to your presence or flagging them down to assist you.
  • A phone charger that works off your cigarette lighter is something that many people fail to make a small investment in or remember to bring with them. With phones providing so many other useful functions apart from calling for help (with the reduced battery life that comes with increased screen size and connectivity), a car charger is a safety must-have.
  • Jump leads will be your saviour when faced with a problem that can happen to any motorist – a flat battery. Even if you have never used a set before, chances are that another motorist will know what to do. If you’re still struggling, then why not use your fully charged phone to search for an instructional video online.
  • A proper ice scraper will help you to ensure the best possible visibility when setting out in adverse weather conditions. Hasty or ineffectual clearance of frost and snow from windscreens is a big cause of traffic accidents in winter, and don’t neglect your side and rear windows either as peripheral vision is more crucial than you might think.

Staying safe while on the roads is obviously a key concern for any sensible motorist, but aside from the obvious benefits it can also save you money. Building up a no claims discount can really help you find cheap car insurance quotes when it is time to renew your policy. Many companies also offer roadside assistance as an option with their coverage, so why not contact a reputable provider such as AXA Insurance to inquire about combining both aspects of your motoring peace of mind in one simple process.


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