Chevrolet is out to put the power of customization in its buyers’ hands. The company has announced a theoretical new customization program for every vehicle it sells, from the lowly Aveo to the mammoth Silverado 3500 HD. The Bow Tie pulled the sheets off of a Cruze, Volt and Spark, each of which wore pieces from the company’s new host of custom parts.

The most interesting of the trio is the Volt. GM designers slapped on a set of lower rocker panels, a reworked rear fascia and blacked-out trim accents around the vehicle. Those stylish 19-inch wheels are actually straight from GM, as are the trick rear tail lights.

The Cruze Z-Spec Concept wears a complete body kit, unique paint and a new high-flow grille. Sport springs, a set of super-sexy 19-inch BBS wheels and a Brembo brake system also come along for the ride, as do a set of Recaro racing buckets.

The last of the bunch is something of a quandary, as GM has yet to come out and confirm whether or not the Spark is actually headed to the States. We do know that the pint-sized Chevy will show up in North America though, which may help explain why a custom version of the car is displayed here in Las Vegas. With special body treatments like that rear spoiler and eye-searing orange paint, there’s no mistaking this hatch for its tamer brethren. Hit the jump for the press releases.


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