Ford is looking to put you in the driver’s seat of its all-new 2012 Focus – in Europe. We already knew that the Blue Oval has been planning a large charity campaign around the launch of the car, and now we have more details. If you’re interested in participating, you can submit a video to Ford’s Focus Facebook fan page. The video should focus (*ahem*) on why you think you deserve the chance to test drive the car, because Ford’s Global Test Drive program isn’t just your standard test drive experience. Ford will fly you to Spain in February, where you’ll get to spend time behind the wheel of the 2012 Focus with GT2 Champion and Le Mans vet Justin Bell will be riding shotgun. Better still, you’ll get $10,000 to donate to the charity of your choice.

Since we would love one of our own readers to win this thing, here are a few helpful hints: Make sure to be creative and explain not only why you should be selected, but also what you would do with the $10,000 charitable donation. Ford is particularly interested in snagging some social media mavens, so it probably wouldn’t hurt to say that you found out about this because of, either.

So now that you have the basics, go and grab your video camera. Once your video is done, it’s time to head over to and click “Global Drive” to enter the contest. Good luck – and be sure to let us know if you win!

Source: Ford


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