The special edition of the Chrysler 200 improves on the original vehicle in all of its functions and comforts and redefines it as an even more attractive model of a car. The materials of the Chrysler 200 are probably one of its biggest prides. The metal is polished aluminum and the leather on the steering wheel and the seats are both perforated and premium. The colors of the car are dark, masculine and the overall design strikes an impression of a serious, sports-like, imposing vehicle instantaneously. Other great additions to the interior are the spectacular sound installations for example. The Special Edition of the Chrysler 200 doesn’t simply upgrades and improves all of that but it really gives you the feel of an entirely new and better vehicle all together. 

The car’s exterior will take your breath with plenty of luxurious additions to its look. A smooth, shiny black color is what you dominates the car and this beautiful background is intercepted by platinum color at exactly the right places in order to make the machine seem truly alive like a creature ready to roar at great speeds. The model of the car is much more sports-like and this is most evident through its suspension. The most impressive details on the exterior side of the car are the spoiler, the exhaust tips, the chrome light bar, and the two beautiful badges. It is all modeled and colored with powerful gritty style.

The interior is equally impressive. It is lavishly equipped with a matter which is water-resistant and its rich black color doubles the likable dark charisma of the car on the inside. The dominating black color works great in combination with the grey tones on the seats. The same complex grey tone is on the steering wheel and the armrests. Black color is also present with the air vents, the front cup holders, the buttons placed under the steering wheel and the gear shift. While the black color dominates on the sides of the car, the grey color is most present in the center of the car, on the places with which the driver and the passengers will come in contact.


The Special Edition will be overly characteristic with darker tones including in its light housings, both the one of the headlight and the taillight. The fascias on the front and the back are much more stylish and there are some beautiful platinum elements in addition to the extensions in the interior of the car with a comforting body-color and the pitch-black wheels. The outlook of the car is a wondrous mixture of rich dark and bright colors which are arranged in perfectionist harmony with each other in order for a very unique and specific feeling to be created. The logo of the car is centered on the grille with this Special Edition. You will notice that the “200” symbol with Special Chrysler 200 is much more stylized and better looking as a whole thanks to some exhaust, diffuser and spoiler improvements around it. To get updates on this model’s availability just contact your local Chrysler dealer, such as Crosstown Chrysler in NH. They will be happy to answer any questions and give you updates.

The special edition of Chrysler 200 is a vast redesign of the original car and the improvements over the already satisfactory old vehicle are plenty to savor.


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