Tech cars are taking the world by storm. So much so, that you would be mistaken in thinking that everyone is going to start spending their money on the latest tech innovations in the automotive market. But, for some of us, tech cars are a thing to admire and never to own. Until now. There are going to be some key changes to the car market this year. Tech cars are going to become more affordable than ever.

So, what tech cars are worth looking out for this year? Let’s find out.

Volvo XC90

The Volvo has never been a car that is known for being cutting edge. But, the new look Volvo is sure to appeal to a lot of people. The XC90 has some incredible safety features. Of course, you wouldn’t expect anything less from Volvo. The car has a vertical colour touch screen and a Sensus infotainment centre. The four cylinders and T6 engine make for an enjoyable experience. Oh, did we mention that it’s supercharged? The electric motor is a keen feature too. But, the main appeal of this car is that it has an enormous emphasis on safety. It’s a family car, in the main, but it makes for a great tech car too.


Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot was a success at the recent car shows. But, now, it’s offering a good fuel economy too. For a truck of its size, it can do an impressive 25 MPG. With adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and blind spot detection, it’s full of the latest tech. All of which is sure to improve and enhance the overall driving experience? The SUV is a great car for those that want to experience a more cohesive driving experience. It’s all about luxury when it comes to the Pilot. It’s a great car for those that want a truck with a luxurious feel.

Nissan Pulsar

The Nissan Pulsar was released last November. It’s set to be one of the most hotly anticipated new cars at Smith Nissan. But, it’s going to be redesigned for the coming year. Nissan has always been synonymous with ingenious design. What’s more, amazing road handling capabilities are what make people love Nissan. But, the Pulsar for 2015 is going to be different altogether. The self cleaning reverse camera is something of a niche touch. But, it’s sure to appeal to a lot of people. The parking aid is a 360 degree camera that is designed to help drivers get into the toughest of spots. The heated leather sets are always a bonus. The lane departure warning is a great feature too. If you’re a fan of safety, the Pulsar is for you.

Mazda CX-3

The Mazda CX-3 is a compact SUV. But, it’s a great crossover for those that want economy combined with tech. The car is jam packed with Smartphone integration, internet radio and hands free text messaging capabilities. But, it also has a LCD display and is a perfect vehicle for those that want simplistic but helpful technological features in their cars.

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