There used to be a time when if you needed something for everyday driving you bought a standard car and if you wanted to go off-road you bought a 4×4. Nowadays, these lines have blurred somewhat with the introduction of Sports Utility Vehicles and Crossovers. These high-riding vehicles are formidably-sized, powerful and interesting cars, but often struggle with their identity. Are they road cars, off roaders or both? The SUV market is so complex that certain models have diversified their offering to concentrate on one specific aspect of their talent – performance. But which modern SUV is the sportiest? Let’s have a look:

Range Rover Sport

For a long time the Range Rover Sport has been the SUV that you bought for fun. Despite this it can still perform admirably off the beaten track; making it a best of both worlds for those who enjoy going over a mountain as much as darting around it on tarmac. The Sport is an icon of the SUV industry as it can go anywhere you fancy and in unique style. Land Rover made sure it was lighter, more agile and less ostentatious and that has made it the must-have sports SUV.

Porsche Cayenne

When the Porsche Cayenne first came about it didn’t win too many fans.

Its styling looked awkward with the sports car front end that adorns their iconic models but that looked decidedly out of place in a car so large. Worse still, some thought it was so bad that it would destroy the brand. However,

Now after a passage of time this opinion was blown out of the water and critics came to understand what the Cayenne was built for: formidable performance at all times. For dynamic ability, extraordinary road manners and smooth engines you won’t find better than the Porsche Cayenne. Oh and it’s pretty refined inside too.

Mercedes-Benz M-Class

All new and used Mercedes-Benz carsare powerful; it is just inherent in their DNA. Without immense pace, Mercedes models would not sell in the numbers they do. However, it is fair to say that the Mercedes M-Class does not do everything right and lacks considerably behind the other two options described above. Despite the M-Class lacking in some key areas it is well-equipped and refined. More importantly though it is fast and there is plenty of brute force to play with, but you won’t find the handling and agility of the Range Rover Sport or Porsche Cayenne.


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