Ford is one of the most well-known and trusted car manufacturing companies in the world, and here are the cars that I regard as their finest.

5. Ford Capri

The Ford Capri was the manufacturer’s attempt at find the same kind of success in Europe that the Mustang had already brought them in the States. This was no mean feat, but the Capri seemed to pull it offer with complete ease.

Under the bonnet, the Capri didn’t have much more to offer than the Cortina. But you didn’t really buy a Capri for what was on the inside. It’s a car that’s all about external looks. And what stunning looks it has. You won’t find many better-looking cars from that era.

4. Ford V8

It wasn’t Ford’s first car, but it was one of its early hits. The Ford V8 brought cars to the masses in 1932, and it’s not hard to see why, over 80 years later, so many people are still in love with it. It’s a classic hot rod from a time when cars were still just starting out.

It was the Model T that first brought Ford to prominence, but the Model T is barely recognisable as a car by modern standards. But with the V8 we have a car that is classic, but still very recognisable as a great example of early Ford car manufacturing.

3. Ford Taurus

It might not be the best looking car that Ford ever made, but I still see it as one of the very best! It was released in the middle of the 1980s, a particularly bad time for American car manufacturing. But the Taurus was a big success for Ford.

In fact, the Taurus may even have saved Ford from going under. So, if it wasn’t for this hugely popular car, we might not have been able to enjoy all the cars that Ford have released in the past 30 years. We have a lot to thank it for!

2. Ford Mustang

The original Ford Mustang was the car that made a whole generation of people fall for cars, and fall for Ford. What higher compliment for a car is there than that? And half a century later, people are still falling in love with the Mustang.

For me, the best thing about the Ford Mustang is that it hasn’t sold out. It’s kept true to the original spirit of the car while managing to reinvent its itself for new drivers all the time. They’ve always been very affordable too; you only need to check out the deals at TCH to see that.

1. Ford Thunderbird

Nowadays, we think of Ford, and we see practicality, affordability and sturdiness. But back in the 1950s, Ford released their first truly sexy and glamorous car with the 1955 Thunderbird. It’s one of those cars that manages to evoke a time and place, even if you weren’t there!

It’s the prototypical car of mid-century 1950s prosperity and vibrancy. It screams excitement, and you feel as if you’ll be transported into some Hollywood Technicolor film starring Audrey Hepburn when you start the ignition! It’s a true classic, and that’s why it’s the best.

These are my top Ford cars, what are yours?


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